Hookups App South Africa
Hookups App South Africa

Going to a psychologist has become increasingly popular all over the world, this is true for Pretoria as well as New York. People feel trapped in the cogwheels of society and they are desperately trying to find a way out. And what do we do about it? We talk. We try to analyze it. Like we have not done that enough in our lives.

Now the population of Pretoria is starting to see another way out of their predicament. We can see that by the surge of members to Looking For Sex, people riddled with stress and tensions that are starting to see that trying to solve those problems by being even more structured and controlled and analytical, might not be the best way.

Instead the remedy is right there before us, open to everyone, and by far the better option of battling stress and depression than any chemical substances, and the simple answer is: getting laid. That is the simple yet brilliant answer that is starting to dawn on the people of Pretoria.

They are starting to realize that sex is not some luxurious desert that they should just treat themselves to on special occasions. No, sex is a vital ingredient to the soup of life. Having sex is not something that you can keep on postponing to a later date, it is something that you do, not only need, in order to feel good. It is something that you need, in order to stay healthy.

There has been plenty of research done on this area, showing that the chemicals released during a sexual encounter are chemicals that physically help us to battle and overcome diseases ranging from stress and depression, to even those with the potential of a fatal outcome.

Now whether or not it is because the citizens of Pretoria has started to take this research to heart, we do not know, all we can see is that there is a significant increase in all kinds of dirty sexual encounters taking place all over the city. And it works. People here are starting to feel happier and friendlier. It is just common sense really, try talking a walk down the street and flirt with someone that you find attractive, it is enough with just a look, and you can see them light up.

The same goes for you, you can live off the high of a flirt for several hours, and if we fill our days with flirt and hump, we can chuck a large portion of the chemical industry selling all types of pills overboard. If we would have sex a little bit more, and think a little bit less, a lot of therapists would be out of a job in no time.

Maybe that would make them just a little depressed to begin with, but if they are living in Pretoria they would know exactly what to do about it. Sign up for a membership on our casual hookups app and start shagging those blues away.