Casual Hookup Apps ZA

There is a certain pulse, a certain culture of South Africa, that sets it apart from other countries when it comes to the noble art of the pure screw. The citizens of South Africa have a tendency to be able to surrender to the heat of the moment, a natural gift of being fully present in the here and now.

A gift some people search for during their whole lives without being able to master it. But the cultural rhythm of South Africa celebrates this life-affirming attitude towards life. It can be hard and rough here, even unforgiving at times. But that is also what brings about this feeling of urgency, that you can not postpone living to a later date. And very much related to that, that you can not postpone getting laid to another day.

Where the citizens of many societies stumble in the dark regarding this matter, with the population spending tremendous amounts of money going to the therapist in the hope of retrieving this long lost ability of being connected to your own inner animal instincts, this is not a problem for South Africans. To them, it is a natural element.

The French have always been known for being somewhat of the lovers of the world, lustful and playful and always ready to get down and dirty, but compared to the South Africans they look like little children playing house for the first time. It is almost like it is instilled in their spirit, the directness and the honesty, the sexual curiosity and the ability to shamelessly respond to their animal urges.

That is why Looking For Sex has become such a success here. In other places people are curious about it, but a lot of times they do not quite possess the necessary courage to follow through with it.

In South Africa, that is not a problem. The problem is making room for all the people willing to share their most dirty, wicked fantasies, making room for all the hot housewives looking for a steamy no strings attached lay, and all the horny couples looking to spice up their relationship by forming a snake-pit of naked bodies together with other couples.

To have a hot threesome is for a lot of people a long lived sexual fantasy. In South Africa you could cram in as many threesome as you could handle in a day, with all kinds of themes and all kinds of constellations.

That is what makes South Africa the moist, steamy jungle of humping that it is. It’s inhabitants, not afraid to celebrate the pleasures of the flesh, not afraid to shamelessly pursue their own natural urges, and with the natural gift of shutting the rest of the world out when it comes to screwing, just being able to totally emerge themselves with their bodies.

If the French people call themselves the lovers of the world, the South Africans are the screw masters of the universe!