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We have heard about the swinging sixties, and the key parties and partner exchange that took place there, but with the revolution of the online supply of adult hookup sites this type of sexual spice has made a strong comeback again all over South Africa.

Modern couples with modern and elevated views on what sex can mean within the confines of a long-term relationship. Couples that are seeking for much more than the traditional in-and-out missionary style, couples that do not want to deny their sexual urges but rather develop and encourage them together.

Our casual dating site is filled to the brim with horny couples like this, from Cape Town to Jo’burg, the discovery of what an adventurous, exciting sex-life that goes outside the regular norms can do for your relationship is being established as an unspoken truth. Sexually mature people all over South Africa wants a piece of this horny pie.

The people are steadily getting more sexually enlightened, knowing that there is a difference between the instinct of attraction and lust and the warmth and love of a relationship, but if you could combine them, that would truly allow you to experience the best of both worlds.

We have confused these feelings for so long, sex and love, and sure, we are not saying that they have nothing to do with each other, just that the backseat screw and the animal lust for another persons sweaty, naked body has nothing to do with love. That is what a lot of South African couples have discovered, making them able to cast jealousy aside and not only watch as their partner is screwing his or her brain out, but actually feeling how this experience makes the flame of passion burn that much brighter when is just the two of them as well.

The swinging sixties is back in the present swinging South Africa. Young couples, old couples, it does not matter, everybody is jumping on the bandwagon and everybody is enjoying it. They are releasing their relationship from the shackles of a boring, routine sex-life and discovering how inviting other sex-partners actually is strengthening the bond of intimacy and lust between them.

You have heard the expression “If you love someone, set them free”, and that is what we finally are doing. Realizing that we can not own another person or their sexual urges, but in the process of allowing them that freedom, love is left with enough room to flourish like it has never done before.

That is the beauty and the allure of the swingers exchange. It is like a no strings affair that you can both share, and it will add an extra dimension to the experience. We need to allow ourselves and our significant other the pleasure of letting their passions run free, unconstrained and wild. Because our sexual urges needs that sense of danger and excitement and screwing is an activity that was never meant to be domesticated.