Woman Looking For Sex South Africa

If you have grown up with someone or just known someone for a really long time, you sometimes go a bit blind about their physical attractiveness. But sometimes, it just hits you like a slap in the face. This surge of lust that your friend instills in you can stem from just the smallest of moments.

Lets say this friend of yours is a girl, and she is a really hot girl, and it is not like you have not been aware of it before but the friendship has always been there like a layer before your eyes. Let us say that this is a Friday night and the two of you are out for a game of pool, and as she leans over the table, her skirt slides up a bit and suddenly you see her well-toned thighs and her tight butt in a totally different light.

Now, unfortunately, this transition does not normally happen at the same time and for the both of you. She is still going to think that it is alright for her to call you in the middle of the night and talk to you about some guy that has treated her like shit, while you squeeze the telephone between your ear and shoulder and get off on her voice.

But you have to be a skilled tactician if you want to turn that friend of yours into a hot and bothered sex-toy. You can not just blurt out that you would really like to make out with her, that would most likely ruin every chance you could have with her, and in the worst case scenario it could ruin your friendship all together.

You have to take it in baby-steps, you have to sneak it in so that she is unprepared to what is happening. You want the lightning of realization to hit her the same way it hit you, and when it does, you can spot it by that horny tingle in her eyes.

Shake up your normal routines of activities. Change the Friday night pool game to something else, take her swimming. It is a great way of both showing and seeing some flesh but be sure to construct everything with that normal foundation of easy going fun. The upside of this is that she will see a new side of you, adventurous and imaginative, and she will see you in a new environment and that is always a good thing for your dirty plan.

You have to build up that attraction bit by bit, you will have to equip yourself with a lot of patience since this is a process that can take a while. But keep your eye on the prize, and steal every moment with her and imprint it in your memory so that you can abuse it once you are by yourself. Take a cold shower afterwards.

Because if you are serious with this, it will be worth your preparations. It is possible. Friendship is nice, but best friends with benefits is really everything you can ask for.