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Almost anyone pressed on the issue of how to define sexy, includes self-confidence in the mix. How you carry yourself, the way that you just know that you have something valuable to offer to the world that no one else can replace. If you are a bit on the shy side, to constantly hear this repeated over and over again can be detrimental to your self-esteem.

And sure, like with everything there are people who actually prefers a shy, delicate flower, but as a general rule: self-confidence equals getting laid way more often. Now, beneath every shy surface, there is a sex-beast waiting to emerge. Shyness has nothing to do with having a lower sex-drive, or being more prone to making sweet love than hardcore humping.

No, the shy person can have as much of a dirty dog hidden inside as the loud-mouths that never can shut up about their conquests. It is just a question about daring to express those innermost fantasies.

The great enemy to shy people is the tendency to over-think situations. To over-analyze, to letting their train of thought totally derail. It is the incapability of just going with the flow, to surrender to the moment, that prevents the shy person from getting as much action as they crave.

But the good news is, that this is not just a natural phenomenon, this is something that the shy person can train themselves into overcoming.

A casual sex dating site is a great way to start. The opportunity of presenting yourself on an online profile is a freeing experience for a lot of people that tend to tense up when it comes to face-to-face encounters with someone they are attracted to. To have the time to really think through what it is about you that you want to present, is an obvious advantage.

And doing this with the Internet as a shield, it will actually help people to open up in a way that would otherwise be unthinkable. So when the shy person gets a response, the initial phase of presentation is already over and done with, and they can go on a date with the knowledge of that the person that they are meeting is already interested.

This takes a huge load off the pressure of the situation. You do not have to get your palms all sweaty when you think about making a good first impression, because the impression is already made since your date found you through your adult dating profile.

You do not have to fret about whether or not your date is attracted to you, since if they were not, they would not be there in the first place.

Also remember that practice makes perfect. Set-up as many dates as you can through our casual hookups dating site, and before you know it the inner shyness will have given way to a new-found confidence, and the rumor around town will be that you have evolved into a regular stud machine.