Women Looking For Sex In Pretoria
Women Looking For Sex In Pretoria

We are a species that has made organization and control to celebrated virtues. We want everything in its due place and coming in the right order. The problem with this neatly painted picture of the structure is that we need to balance the scale with different ingredients in our lives.

We do not necessarily need a middle road, but high control needs to be balanced with the total loss of control. Structure needs to be weighed up with just throwing ourselves out there. Now, in South Africa we may be better at letting our inner animal loose than most, but still we can witness the same problems with long-term relationships here as everywhere else.

We implement to many rules and regulations on the sex we are having with our partner, and as time goes by that hot, burning flame of lust that used to be a natural fuel to the relationship is smothered by the shackles of routine. A relationship is supposed to fit in so many social environments. We want our partner to get along with our friends, with our parents, with our co-workers.

The long-term relationship becomes a piece of the social puzzle, and in that puzzle, animal urges and raw sexuality gets an increasingly diminishing role as years go by. This is why we continue to look outside the relationship for sexual stimulation. We have traded away our desires for a security blanket, but soon we realize that it is not possible to rationale away lust. It will come knocking on your door in the middle of the night. Or for that matter, in the middle of the day, stirring something up in you that you thought was long gone.

This is the moment when we start looking for a no strings attached affair. Because despite everything, we need to be just one with the flesh at times. We need to rid ourselves of the person that we have become into just being an animal with no logic or reason other than instant satisfaction. We need to screw our brains out, to not think about anything other than how the hot body of the person next to us responds to our touch.

We need to be as one with the moans of pleasure, the horny whispers, the bodily fluids. This is the moment where the hot and bothered housewife does not think about having to pick up the kids from football practice, the only thing she is focused on is the big dick of her adult date. The moment where the man in the designer suit is not worried about what is going on in the office as he has his hands full of a horny woman’s breasts.

That is what the beauty of the pure screw is all about. It does not give two shits about who you are or where you are going, on the contrary, the no strings affair just want you to bring your horniness and your body. It wants you to shut up and hump.