Casual Sex Dating South Africa

The big secret is: there really is no secret! There are so many magazines and tv-shows and tips and tricks overflowing us that we guys tend to be overwhelmed by this wave of information, and the more we read, see and hear, the more we start believing that there has to be some kind of love-making voodoo that we do not have access to yet.

But there is no such thing. It all comes down to common sense and a bit of imagination. You can sign up for a crash-course in how to use your fingers properly but it will be a waste of money if you think that pleasing a woman first and foremost is a technical issue.

It is not. It is about fornicating with your mind as well as your wood. You have to establish an atmosphere to get a woman in the mood. That is the number one basic rule, and if you manage to do that properly, she will respond to your touch accordingly.

Setting up a date through an casual sex dating site is a great way to build a mood long before you have even met. It is the anticipation of the sexual encounter that start to muster just as soon as you make the initial contact. The curiosity of having nothing but a picture and some profile content to go by, but that still says so much more about what kind of person it is you are corresponding with. The mere thought of knowing that you could be bonking within half and hour is all the foreplay the woman needs.

It is the naughtiness of the situation, the excitement. She will have screwed you in her mind several times over before you even meet, so when you actually see each other in the physical, there is no need to dim down the lights and cover the bed with rose petals. She will be eager and willing, she will be bursting with sexual tension, and this has nothing to do with whether you know your way to her clit or not.

That said, we strongly recommend that you try to at the very least gather some basic knowledge of a woman’s erotic points, but still the essential thing is that you create a sexy mood, and they can come in many ways, shapes or forms, and take it from there. Not the other way around.

That will also work as a reassurance to all the guys out there, a bit too conscious about the size- or the lack of size- of their members. If you master the art of creating a sexually enticing mood, the saying “size does not matter”, really becomes true.

Gather all your previous knowledge and all the new-found lessons that you have learned and the next time you are about to get lucky, create a sexy mood as a foundation and operate from that.