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It is not for nothing that housewives deserves their very own section when it comes to no strings attached sexual encounters. First of all, they are the perfect match when you are looking for something simple, uncomplicated, and just hotter than hell. They will not start making demands. They are not looking for love. All they want is for someone to screw them, and to do it good.

With all the sexual tension and energy that has been mounting deep within them, the housewife, and more specific the Jo’burg housewife, is on the hunt. If it is family life, with kids and career and all that goes along with it, that is especially demanding for the Jo’burg family, or if the soccer-mummies of this bustling city is especially horny, is not for us to judge. We can simply state the facts: the number of hot, horny and willing housewives on our casual sex dating site shows that the sky is the limit.

There is a special mischievous glare in the eyes of the married women of Jo’burg, a hunger that has been left unsatisfied for too long, and a shameless quest to feed their sexual urges. If you are looking for some coy female that just climbs into your bed and lays there like a stiff plank, then you have come to the wrong place. Because the hunger, the sexual appetite, and the lust for adventure instilled into the spirit of Jo’burg housewives are not for the faint of heart.

If we could tap the sexual energy of the women on our dating site and turn it into electricity, we would have solved the energy crisis forever. This is a renewable source of energy, clean and green for the environment but with a dirty origin, and the humping and sucking going on in Jo’burg alone would be a sufficient source of energy to feed everyone from Shanghai to San Paolo.

With a horny housewife you will get it all in one package. All the sex you can handle, with someone that knows what she is doing and is intent of enjoying every naughty moment of it. A no strings attached affair will allow her to realize all her most wicked fantasies, all those things that she has been dying to try but that she is afraid that if she even suggested them to her husband he would get a heart-attack.

But all you have to do is lean back and enjoy the ride. This is all about the flesh, all about two bodies coming together. A word of warning though, as you place your hands on her eager, quivering body, be careful so you do not burn yourself.

So whether you live her permanently or if you are just on a visit, be sure to check out the housewife section of our dating site, because even if it is not mentioned, and probably never will be, in any official guide books, the number one attraction of this sex-hungry city is the never ending supply of horny housewives looking for nothing else than to be screwed silly.