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Can a friend for life be mutually working as a fuck buddy forever? No, probably not, there are too many complications, there are too many strings, too much history. Even though the friend relationship often is more open and less complicated than say a marriage, or any other type of long-term relationship that involves two people as exclusive to each other, you would still have so many threads of memories and experiences overlapping that it would be hard to keep the no strings affair running smoothly in the long run.

A lot of people in Joíburg today favors the fuck buddy constellation over the traditional love and marriage structure, since quite a few of those people have already tried their hands on the traditional long-term relationship and all they have to show for it is the knowledge of how it is to feel totally suffocated.

They have years of experience in arguing over little things, over turning the hot, steamy activity of fucking into a bi-weekly chore at best, an activity where the ìfuckingî has been drained out and instead been replaced by a feeling of boredom that is far more related to doing the dishes than with any natural urges you may have harbored when you first partnered up.

But finding a fuck buddy is not all that easy, not even in the horny Joíburg, believe it or not, because even though there are many people nowadays looking exactly for that type of no strings attached relationship, it is still something that is frowned upon by society at large, making it yet another layer of hypocritical morality that many people really can not seem to free themselves from.

People are afraid to face their desires and be upfront with what it is that they are actually searching for, masking their natural horniness with the pretext of looking for love. So if you are trying to hook up with a fuck buddy in your own extended circle of acquaintances, chances are that it is going to be a complicated and time-consuming process.

But here is the twist: online, people tend to feel a lot more free, and on an adult dating site, you would have to go back to the sexual revolution of the 60ís to find the equivalent of the explicit sexuality that is available there. Here, there are no rules and regulations, no limits or laws, just a pure lust that is expressed with the collective voice of horny Joíburg members.

This is the place to find a fuck buddy. Here, people do not feel bound by the regular morality of society, there is a sense of curiosity and freedom here that you will not find anywhere else. And there are a lot of people looking for the same thing. They would love to have a regular booty-call. Someone that is on the same sexual page, someone that is not looking for the romantic comedy version of true love but rather the adult version of true lust.